How to make yourself an attractive home buyer

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With the autumn nights drawing in, and summer a distant memory, the housing market is still as busy and as vibrant as ever.

Buyers today are still facing a lot of competition when it comes to even viewing a property. In fact, the amount of people chasing after available properties is at an all-time high and over double the amount seen back in 2019.

So how can you make yourself become more appealing to potential sellers and estate agents?

If you want to secure your dream property, there are several things you can do to come out on top.

Have a sale agreed on your current home before you buy

First, get a sale agreed on your current home before you buy a new property. Many sellers currently are choosing buyers with sales already agreed. With some people even opting to move into rental accommodation to allow them more time to find the perfect property.

Make estate agents aware if you’re a cash buyer

If you’re a cash buyer and have nothing to sell, this will be exciting news for vendors. By making an estate agent aware you’re a cash buyer the agent knows you’re ready to act fast and if you have found your dream property and decide to put in an offer, your offer will be more attractive than those in a chain. 

First-time buyers get a mortgage in principle

If you’re a first-time buyer looking to step onto the property ladder, get an AIP (Agreement in Principle). This will help you push to the front of the buyer queue. Also, as you have nothing to sell, you’ll be an attractive prospect to the sellers of the property you’re looking to buy. The sellers’ estate agent will more than likely ask you if you already have this agreed by your lender to ensure you can afford the property and the deposit.

Most importantly, don’t lose faith. The good news is as we enter the busy autumn period, we are seeing more signs of properties coming onto the market.

Information sourced from Rightmove.

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