Our guide to getting your home ready to sell before Christmas

  • 26th Nov 2021
  • 2 minute read
  • Written by Maisie Eames
Our guide to getting your home ready to sell before Christmas

With the excitement of the Christmas period, most people wait until new year to look for a new home. While that may seem like a good time to start the selling process, more and more people are deciding to get ahead of the game and preparing their home for selling before the festive period.

Our easy guide shows some simple ways you can prepare your home for selling before Christmas:

1. Get your photographs taken now

If possible, get your home ready for photographing now. As festive and cosy as your Christmas decorations may look, they can clutter and close valuable space which may be a deal breaker in your photos. They can also date your images to that time, so if you can ask an agent to photograph your property before the Christmas period, it’s worth it.

2. Prepare yourself so you can sell when you’re ready

The festive period can be a busy time, and there can be lots to think about – before even putting your home on the market. So, get your Christmas shopping done early so you no longer have to worry about that.

Furthermore, instruct an agent, finalise your listing details and arrange your valuations all before Christmas if possible so your home can go on the market as soon as you are ready.

3. Get ready for the boxing day boom

As you and many others finish the Christmas leftovers and sit down to rest for the first time over the festive period, both the boxing day boom and the 2022 home buying season begin.

Potentially, home buyers will be looking for a new home to spend their next Christmas in – so take the opportunity to get your property seen and get your home ready to go on the market for boxing day.

4. Become a power buyer

If you can get your home on the market before the new year, you will be one step ahead already. By doing so, you could potentially find a buyer for your property, making you a power buyer.

A power buyer is viewed as more reliable because of their buying status. This can come from being a cash buyer, being a first-time buyer, or having already sold your property – instantly making you more appealing when looking for your new home.

If you’re looking for anything else or would like additional help and advice get in touch at customerservice@easyproperty.com

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