5 Reasons you should sell your home now

estate agent talking to couple
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The property market is still vibrant this autumn, with asking prices at a record high across every region of Britain. If you’re thinking of moving now is a great time.

1. You’ll have a record number of potential buyers

There are far more people looking to move than there are a number of homes available and it’s a hugely competitive market, so sellers have a great chance of finding a buyer.

2. It’s likely you’ll get the best price for your property

With asking prices having hit a record high it’s a great time to source a valuation from an estate agent. You may discover that even if you’ve only owned your home for a year or two, you can sell it for a lot more than you bought it for. If you’re looking to downsize now is a great time to sell and make some additional cash.

3. You may have more budget for your next home than you thought

If your home is valued for more than you bought it for, you may find that properties or areas you hadn’t considered now present new possibilities.

4. You’ll become a power buyer

A power buyer is someone who has already sold their property subject to contract or has nothing to sell. Which helps you stand out from the crowd when putting forward an offer.

5. Interest rates for mortgages are still low

Lenders are keen to offer mortgage loans in a competitive market and interest rates are at all-time low.

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