Put the spotlight on your home’s finest features

  • 2nd Feb 2021
  • 4 minute read
  • Written by Ellie New
how to prepare your house for sale

Our easy guide to staging your home ready for sale.

Want to achieve the best results when you sell your home? Of course, you do. Then that means getting your property to stand out from the crowd. The buyers’ market is flourishing and there will be multiple properties competing for attention. To truly stand out and be noticed you need to showcase your homes best features to get a competitive edge and show potential buyers your properties potential.

Selling your home for the best price within a reasonable time frame requires just two things:

  • The right estate agent
  • Staging your home to show off its maximum potential

Subtle changes can have a large impact providing they are the right changes. Updates to the home can freshen the entire home and breathe new life into the property without costing a fortune.

Get your property viewing ready with our top tips on how to stage your home…

Remove all clutter

Before having anyone view your home or before your marketing photos are taken clear the clutter. Clutter takes up space and space sells, you can make your home look bigger and more desirable by scaling down and going back to basics. Places like hallways can become filled with coats, shoes, umbrellas, tidy them away and keep them out of sight. All floors and surfaces should be clutter free.

Refresh your walls

A lick of paint can do wonders for giving a property a new lease of life and general freshen up. Bright colours aren’t for everyone, so go neutral.

Inspect flooring

Take a look at your flooring, if it is worn out and beyond salvation, replace it. Go for neutral colours that are going to compliment the walls and décor.

Lighten up

Going for neutral paint colours like whites, creams, greys, and truffles can help naturally brighten up a room. Let as much light shine into the property by opening blinds and curtains. You may want to consider changing bulbs to brighter halogens. Mirrors can also help to reflect the light, giving an illusion of warmth, bringing in a few lamps will also help to brighten the place up. If it’s cold outside and you’ve got a log burning stove or feature fireplace, why not light it to add to create a warm and cosy vibe.

Clean like you’ve never cleaned before

You want your home to shine when you put it on the market and a squeaky-clean home suggests that the current occupants look after the property. Clean high before you clean low and finish with the floors.

When potential buyers come to view your home, you want your home to smell fresh, empty any bins so your viewers aren’t hit with any offensive scents. You could also consider using a subtle plug in air fresher when taking viewings for a clean, fresh scent.

Freshen up your exterior

If the outside of your property is looking a tad tired, then give it a freshen up. You can start by sanding back any peeling paintwork. You may want to consider repainting it a neutral colour like white. Wash your windows to reduce any build-up of grime. This will also help to bring more light into the property in turn. Consider replacing any broken roof tiles. Ensure if you have grass it is well kept, clipping back, and neatening any hedges will also add kerb appeal. Keep flower beds, grass, and pots free of weeds and if you have a driveway, keep it free from any leaves of debris. Check any fences or gates to make sure they are in a good state. If you’ve got patio space, consider adding an outdoor furniture to create an alfresco dining space.

Focus on furniture

You want there to be as much open and walkable space as possible. This can help your buyers navigate the space and help them create a visual representation of what their own furniture would look like in its place. Move any oversized or damaged pieces of furniture that don’t match the rest of the room into storage whilst you’re showing your home.

Sort your shelves

If you have any open storage or shelving units, avoid overfilling them to prevent them from looking cluttered. You could style any open storage by adding a few plants and a small number of books.

Finishing touches

So, your property is almost ready for viewings time to add those last finishing touches to create a homely feel.

Add fresh flowers in a vase or a bowl of fruit in your kitchen/dining area can add a fresh feel along with a pop of colour. Replace any worn looking towels with fluffy new towels for a soft finished effect.

Make your bedroom look comfortable by adding a new bedspread to your bed, plump the cushions, try using an iron or steamer to iron out any creases in the bedding and drape over a throw for added cosiness.

Bring in plants bringing in nature into your home can create a sense of peace and tranquillity. Adding a few potted plants here and there can help spruce things up.

In your living room and scatter cushions to your sofa and a throw to add some depth, use tones that compliment your colour scheme.

You’re ready to go. Are you looking to sell or buy a property we can help get in touch at customerservice@easyproperty.com

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