Put the spotlight on your home’s finest features

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If you want to achieve the best results when selling your home, then standing out from the crowd is vital. In today’s property market, there are a lot of homes jockeying for buyers’ attention. To stand out and be noticed, you need to showcase your home’s best features to get a competitive edge and realise the property’s true sales potential.

Selling your home for the best possible price within a reasonable time requires two things: working with the right estate agency and some effort on your part to get the home sale ready. This doesn’t mean throwing piles of money at a costly renovation but rather looking for simple ways to highlight your home’s main selling points.

Subtle changes can have a large impact, provided they are the right changes. Well-thought-out updates can freshen the look of the entire home and breathe new life into it without costing a pretty penny. Adding a new coat of paint and tidying up is already a great start to ensuring your property is in show-day condition.

Here are a few additional tips to get your home in top form:

The heart of the home

The kitchen is arguably one of the most important rooms when it comes to selling. For many, it can be the make or break decision maker when buying a property. An updated kitchen will increase the perceived value of the home and leave a lasting impression.

Refurbishing worktops and cupboards will reinvent and modernise the kitchen if it’s looking a bit tired or dated. Updated elements such as the oven or extractor fan will also breathe new life into the space. Adding an island is functional and can add to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen, as well as changing the dynamic of the space.


Bathrooms are also rooms that can either allure potential buyers or have them running for the hills. Not a great deal needs to be done for a bathroom to have a completely different look.
Simply changing the taps to a more contemporary style or adding a new mirror can freshen up the space. Modern lighting can also update and change the feel of the room.

Additional storage

It can largely depend on the layout and available space in the home, but installing additional cupboards or storage space is a practical way to create a selling feature. Storage is often an issue, so homes that offer a solution will make a good impression with potential buyers. Adding an extra cupboard, expanding existing cupboards or a creating a walk-in pantry can become a unique selling point. Built-in shelves or a wall unit in areas with a lot of open wall space can also be an interesting feature. These are relatively easy to install and will be a functional addition that could give the home added interest.


Carpeted areas should be in good repair and professionally cleaned. Clean carpets look great and will leave the entire home smelling amazing. If the carpets are not in a good state, it might be worthwhile to have them lifted – depending on what’s underneath of course. Many older homes will have wooden flooring underneath the carpeting, which can be sanded and refurbished. Wooden floors are highly fashionable and downright cool. In the instance where the home does not already have wooden floors, synthetic alternatives are available that look similar but cost less. The right kind of flooring will make a space appear larger, and it will completely revamp the look and feel of the room.

Outside areas

Elements such as decks and patios can be impressive, but may not be in your budget and aren’t necessary for the outside area to look awesome. A garden that is neat, uncluttered and well-kept will make an outstanding impression with buyers.

Making sure that the home is in its best condition before it is listed will increase your chances of standing out from the crowd and achieving the highest possible selling price.

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