How to make your house more appealing to buyers

  • 6th Jul 2022
  • 5 minute read
  • Written by Ellie New
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If you’re wondering “how can I increase my chances of selling my house?”, you’ve come to the right place. Here at easyProperty, we know a thing or two when it comes to selling your home, and understand that making a good first impression is crucial. In this article, we’ll share our advice on 15 different ways you can make your house more attractive to buyers to increase your chances of selling quicker.

Here’s our top 15 tips for selling your house

1. Boost your kerb appeal

Kerb appeal is a fancy way of referring to how attractive your house is from the street, and with 68% of home buyers claiming that kerb appeal is important when purchasing a new home, it’s well worth improving. First impressions stick, so potential buyers doing a drive-by before they ask for a visit will either be invited in or turned away by their initial glance.  With this in mind, you should try to give the front of your home a makeover.

To make sure you leave a positive first impression, ensure that you pay attention to the following:

  • Front garden – brush away any leaves, trim the lawn and remove any dead flowers. If you don’t want the hassle of maintaining a front lawn, opt for low-maintenance alternatives such as gravel, pebbles or slate chips, all of which can be used to quickly cover concrete and crazy paving eyesores. When it looks tired, simply give it a fresh look within 10 minutes using a garden rake.  
  • Walls and fences – repaint any walls or fences at the front of your house and try to fix any damages. 
  • Windows – make sure that all of your windows are clean and sparkling – dusty, misted or dirty windows are definitely not a good look!

Something to avoid is to smother the front garden in concrete, which looks very tired very quickly. Your neighbours also may not be keen to see all the surface water running into the street instead of being soaked up by your lawn, so if you want off-street parking, use a gravel surface over a permeable membrane that lets water drain through but stops the gravel mixing with the soil below.  

Finally, an extra thing to consider is to have scented plants such as lavender at the front of your garden to create the right aroma as visitors approach the front door – just as keeping the air fresh inside removes cooking and pet smells.  

2. Give your walls a fresh coat of paint

Painting wall with a roller

Something as relatively quick and easy such as painting your walls can make all the difference. We recommend that you opt for a neutral colour which will help to make your house look bigger and brighter. Moreover, it will make the buyer’s lives easier if your walls are painted in a colour that the furniture they already have will go with.

3. Keep the rooms light and airy

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During viewings (whether they’re virtual or in-person, it’s important to keep all of your rooms looking fresh and bright. You can do this by simply opening all of your blinds and some windows to keep the air clean. Another top tip for making your home appear larger is to have wall mirrors, so it could be worth putting some up before any photography or viewings take place.

4. Tidy up (inside and out!)

Clean kitchen woman cooking

A clean home is a happy home. Before you let potential buyers through your door, spend time doing a thorough clean and decluttering your space. In terms of cleaning inside, you should:

  • Remove any limescale from your kitchen and bathroom.
  • Clean or repair your tile grouts (these tend to attract mould in damp areas such as bathrooms).
  • Ensure everything is smelling fresh (consider putting up some air fresheners to eliminate odours).
  • Wax any tired looking wooden floors.
  • Wipe your door handles and polish them to keep them shining.
  • Remove clutter from your countertops (such as piles of letters or washing up).

When it comes to cleaning your garden, you could:

  • Clean your patio (for stubborn dirt, you could consider using a pressure washer to get your tiles looking good as new).
  • Cut your grass and trim your bushes.
  • Clean your outdoor furniture, removing any cobwebs and wiping surfaces down.

5. Check your lights

Lighting soft over dining table

Ensuring that your lightbulbs are working is a cheap and easy way to show that you keep your house well-maintained. Don’t forget to check that your outside lights are working too so that any potential buyers passing by in the evening will see a well-lit, welcoming home. 

6. Replace old carpets

Tired old carpets can really age your property. From stains to rips and tears, not only can this make your flooring look unclean and worn, it could even be a trip hazard. If your carpets are looking dull and in desperate need of an update, putting in some new carpets or flooring could go a long way in revamping your home. Similar to what we suggested for applying fresh paint to your walls, try to choose neutral colours for new carpets that any buyer could envision their belongings with.

7. Give your furniture some TLC

It’s a good idea to make your furniture look less worn and tired if possible. For example, if your sofa has stains on it, you might consider getting some covers to keep it looking nice and homely. If you’re selling your home as furnished, you may need to replace some items of furniture so that buyers will be happy with their standard. If you’re going to be taking your furniture with you or removing it anyway, it’s still important to keep everything looking its best for viewings.

8. Fix any damp or mould issues

Damp or mould issues are a red flag for many potential buyers, so you should aim to tackle these before you prepare to welcome people to your home. Areas that are particularly prone to mould are the kitchen and bathroom due to excess moisture. Simply painting over any marks or stains won’t fix the problem, so you may need to get in touch with a mould specialist to find the source of the issues and have it fixed. Moreover, if you notice any mould in your silicone sealants, these can easily be sorted by removing and reapplying them. 

9. Remove pets for viewings

Yes your pets are probably going to be loved by many, but some buyers can be put off by animals in the home. It’s worth bearing in mind that some people have allergies, could be afraid of pets or simply will be put off by their smell, so you should consider asking someone to take care of your furry friends whilst you show off your home. 

10. Keep your driveway clear

On the day of house viewings, try to keep your driveway clear so that potential buyers can see how much available space there is. If there are cars blocking their access or taking up too much road space, they might worry about parking issues in future. If it’s within your control to clear the area, it’s worth you parking down the road so that your potential buyers can come and view your property with ease. 

11. Consider the time you schedule viewings

Timing can be everything when it comes to your viewings, as it can impact your potential buyers’ experience. For example, if your house is located near a school, avoid arranging viewings during the school rush as this could make the area seem much busier than it usually is. 

12. Make potential buyers feel welcome

Going the extra mile to make buyers feel welcome in the home that could be theirs will help to set you and your property apart from others on the market. One thing you could consider is offering them something – perhaps some cake you baked specially or even just a cup of tea that they can enjoy whilst they ask you any questions. When it comes to successful viewings, it’s not just about the property, it’s about the experience as a whole.

13. Highlight the best parts of your home

Show off your home’s best features and point out its benefits. From being in a quiet location or close to schools for families to having extra storage space, don’t forget to highlight the aspects of the property you love so others can see how attractive it is.

14. Add some final touches

Once you’re happy with how your home is now looking, you can think about additional ways you can give the space a homely feel. For example, you could put some fresh flowers in the dining area or add some accessories such as wall art or light fixtures to give the place some more character (just don’t overdo it!).

15. Get the help of an estate agent to show it off!

African American husband has beard and glasses. Latina agent is wearing a skirt and holding a folder.

Finally, consider getting the help of a professional estate agent to showcase your home. Here at easyProperty, we make the process of selling your home simple, and our local property experts will be there each step of the way to make your move as smooth as can be. By selling your property with us, you can look forward to:

  • A free valuation – you can book your free property valuation with us today!
  • Support from our property experts.
  • A choice of three different fee packages to suit your needs – find out more about our fees here.
  • Getting on the market – from a ‘For Sale’ board and professional photography to having your home listed on several trusted property listing sites, we’ll get your house the attention it deserves!
  • Help with property viewings.
  • 24/7 access to your dashboard where you can manage viewings and see offers – in other words, you’ll have total control with the support available when needed.
  • We’ll handle the progression of sales through to completion.

If you have any questions about the services we offer, please do get in touch – we’d love to hear from you. Our mission is to help you get from point A to B quickly and stress-free, so you can rest-assured it will be a smooth ride.

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