Top 10 places to celebrate Bonfire Night in 2017

bonfire night fireworks

27 Oct

Being British and celebrating Bonfire Night go hand in hand. When else can you warm your hands on a 10-metre-tall bonfire while celebrating the foiling of a Stuart plot to blow up the House of Lords? Guy Fawkes Night as we know it has evolved into a night for putting on your hat and gloves, eating some tasty street food, and watching the best fireworks set to music.

But where are the best firework displays in 2017, including some off the beaten track?


1. Fireworks Skyshow in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

When? Friday 3rd November

Tickets? £10 for a family of four

This Welsh town pulls out all the stops for its fireworks display. The local Leisure Trust put on the Firework Skyshow at Cyfarthfa Park. It’s a great family event with funfair, lots to eat and drink, and the main event itself. It’s a great setting for fireworks, with Cyfarthfa Castle in the background. The museum will stay open during the evening, making it a great place to pop into to warm up.


2. Skinningrove Bonfire, Yorkshire

When? Saturday 4th November

Tickets? Free, but donations welcome to keep the bonfire going each year

If fireworks aren’t your favourite, head to Skinningrove Bonfire where the flames take centre stage. The small village of Skinningrove is set close to the rugged North Yorkshire coast, and the spectacular display on bonfire night attracts hordes of visitors every year. Plus, they don’t stop there. A firework display comes before the incredible bonfire is lit.


3. Castle Rising Fireworks, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

When? Saturday 28th October

Tickets? Adults are £7 in advance and children are £3

Enjoy the fireworks at one of the most famous 12th Century castles in England. Castle Rising has served as a hunting lodge and royal residence, and every autumn it is home to spectacular fireworks. This year’s event is themed around dragons and wizards.


4. Fireworks at the Fort, Wallsend, Newcastle

When? Thursday 2nd November

Tickets? Free

Now in its 10th year, this free firework display attracts large crowds who come to see the fireworks bursting into life over the River Tyne. It is set in the ruins of Segedunum Roman Fort, which defended the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall.

Take your evening to the next level with a £10 ticket to the viewing platform, which promises fantastic firework views and a soup and sandwich buffet.


5. Battle, East Sussex

When? Saturday 4th November

Tickets? Free

East Sussex is known for its elaborate bonfire night celebrations. In fact, events start in early September. One of the highlights is in the small village of Battle.  Organised by the Battel Bonfire Boyes, the events include a children’s fancy dress competition, guy competition, and a big procession through the village in the evening. Then the huge bonfire is lit and fireworks go off at 9.30pm.


6. Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire

When? Saturday 4th November

Tickets? £10 for adults

If you like fireworks, this is the place to be. The main display goes on for almost half an hour, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. As well as the fireworks and bonfire, there are food stalls with warming drinks. It’s all set against the backdrop of Kenilworth Castle, which is lit up in different colours to celebrate.


7. Alexandra Palace, London

When? Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th November

Tickets? £11 for adults

There are always fireworks to be found in the capital city, but the display at Alexandra Palace is one of the most popular – so popular, in fact, that it is held across two evenings. There is so much to do, from food stands to live music and ice skating, to paying a bit extra to get into the German Bier Festival. There’s even a ‘March of the Phoenix’ parade before the main fireworks event set to a DJ soundtrack.


8. Beaulieu, Hampshire

When? Saturday 28th October

Tickets? £14

In the picturesque village of Beaulieu, the whole day is turned into an event. Those who buy tickets to the can have access to Motor Museum, Palace, and Abbey from 3pm. After the sun sets, there is live music and fairground rides to enjoy before the big firework event. This year, the theme is ‘Beaulieu does Broadway’.


9. Aberdeen Winter Festival Fireworks, Scotland

When? Saturday 4th November

Tickets? Free

The fireworks kick off Aberdeen’s Winter Festival celebrations. The evening will start with fire jugglers and a charity firewalk – best not to get too close. At 7.30pm, the fireworks will burst into life near the sea front in a 20-minute show set to music. The best vantage points for the display are around the Beach Boulevard, Queen’s Links and Esplanade areas.


10. Lewes, East Sussex

When? Saturday 4th November

Tickets? Free

This is the biggest bonfire celebration of them all. Different societies of local people get together to have processions through the village with their own costumes, guys, and fire displays. It’s a very crowded and intense evening, so difficult for visitors to get to. If you’re lucky enough to find a parking space, you may not be able to get out again until 2am when the roads open.