Top 10 decorating tips for a stylish festive season

christmas decorations

3 Dec

‘Tis the season to go all-out on decorations and turn your home into a festive retreat. As everyone gets excited with the build up, it’s easy to go overboard. Follow our trendy tips to keep your Christmas decorations stylish this year.

1. Choose your colours wisely

Do you prefer a white Christmas, or want to keep it classy with gold? Whatever you decide, it is best to pick a colour palette before you go to town with buying new baubles. Make sure the theme carries through your home, not just on the tree and you are onto a winner.


2. Decorate every nook and cranny

From the living room where your tree takes centre stage, to the hallway where you put your shoes, decorate every part of the house. Whether you’re cooking dinner, or watching TV, you will forever be in the festive spirit. Bring in Christmas tree cuttings for a festive feel, and fold cosy blankets to make the home feel warm and welcoming at all times.


3. Foolproof fairy lights

fairy lights

If you are looking for a way to instantly make your home Christmassy at a low cost, invest in indoor fairy lights. Make sure to choose all silver or all gold. You can drape them around house plants, string them around the corners of the room, or on the headboard of a bed. In fact, there aren’t many places that can’t be improved with fairy lights this time of year. You’ll create the perfect ambiance for snuggling up to watching films and opening presents.


4. Add wreaths inside and out

Don’t restrict yourself to one wreath on your front door. You can add them inside the house, too. Feeling crafty? You can even make them yourself without too much hard work. It’s a great chance to have all your wreaths coordinated, but for each one to have a slightly different look. You could decorate with pine cones, dried oranges, and festive bows.

5. This year is for Scandi style

Scandinavian style has been big in 2018, and hygge is the trend to follow for Christmas. You can follow the style by making hand-made tree decorations, keeping everything fresh and white, and layering chunky faux-fur rugs over chairs and sofas.

6. On-trend tables

christmas table decorations

Think about how you want your Christmas dinner table to look. Take into consideration a table runner or cloth, candles, and crackers – and make sure they match! Adding some plants or cuttings from the tree adds a fresh touch. You can even lay the table a few days before the 25th to showcase your design skills.

7. Remember to have a festive fragrance

Candles are a staple of Christmas, so stock up on some on fun scents from gingerbread to spiced orange. If you tire of burning candles, you could invest in cinnamon sticks to place around the home. They are more subtle in scent and make for lovely decorations if you’re feeling crafty.


8. Decorate the banister

If your home has multiple storeys, decorating the banister is a great way to invite guests onto the second floor, which is great for parties. You could twist foliage or tinsel around the banister, or twirl different ribbons around it and finish with those trusty fairy lights.


9. Candy cane creations

candy canes decoration

These little sugar sticks with twirling monochrome colours are perfect for some creative decorating. Try hanging them from the tops of doors, or tie them to ribbons and create some festive bunting. They can also make for quirky accessories to add to the dining table.


10. Remember your own style

A great way to make your Christmas decorations tie in with your existing style is to buy accessories that you would usually have in your home. If you wouldn’t use bold primary colours, don’t buy the eye-catching reindeer. If you like to have a lot of knick-knacks on display, invest in some Christmas-themed options. They won’t look out of place and you can recycle them each year.


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