2018 Interior Trends

stylish bedroom

4 Apr

Does your home feel like it’s caught the winter blues? Brighten it up with one of the top trends for interiors in 2018.

Trend 1: Embellishment

Whether it’s a tasselled cushion or a furry rug, spring is all about embellishments. You’ll find these details on cushions and throws, as well as less conventional items like wall hangings and other home accessories. Embellishment a way to give traditional items a twist and to introduce interesting details into your space without having to commit to colour.

Trend 2: Greenery

Whether you’re looking for a houseplant or pots upon pots of succulents, greenery (and lots of it) is the way to stay on trend this season. Place them in a pot that matches your colour scheme and you’ve brightened up your room quickly and easily. Peace lilies and ferns are popular, but don’t be afraid to experiment with less conventional houseplants like tree ivy or a cactus.

living space with computer desk

Trend 3: Dark Wood

Interior style is moving away from Scandinavian-inspired blonde wood and toward something with a bit more retro glam. Darkly stained woods are very popular this season and can be found almost everywhere on the high street. Worried that your dark wood will look dated rather than daring? Metallic embellishments and patterned wood can take your dark furniture from drab to fab.

Trend 4: Artisan Textures

In the same way that embellishments are finding their way to our pillows this spring, furniture is all about texture. Classic wicker chairs are trendy this season, as is applique and handmade furniture accessories.

Trend 5: Metal

Metal has been popular for several years, with rose gold and yellow gold as the most popular options. However, the resurgence of copper has opened up the design trends to other metals. Expect to see darker shades of chrome and aluminium this season on fixtures and furniture alike.

Trend 6: Marble

Marble has long been an interior trend, and spring 2018 is no exception. You’ll find marble on table tops, coasters, and plenty of other household accessories. One of the great things about marble is that it’s so versatile. There are light and dark colours so it can coordinate with most colour schemes.

side table with plants

Trend 7: Tropical Prints

The jungle has been full of inspiration for designers this spring. Dark green adds depth to the pastel rooms of the season, and leafy textural patterns are very popular. This trend can be quite a statement, so feel free to experiment with a few throw pillows before going full rainforest.

living space with pastel colours

Trend 8: Pastels

Light and bright is the (colour) theme of spring 2018. While we’ve all seen the pale pinks and blues that have dominated the interior trends this winter, spring is here and you can try for something bolder, like a pistachio green or butter yellow. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours, either. Adding more colours (as long as they’re bright) opens up your colour palette as well as the ‘feel’ of your room.

Trend 9: Statement Ceilings

Statement ceilings have always been a sign of luxury (think Versailles, the Vatican, Buckingham Palace). However, the luxurious statement ceiling has become affordable this season, and easier to pull off, too. Stay away from dark colours, because they will make your ceilings seem lower. Light, bright colours are best if you’re considering a ceiling mural. Don’t be afraid of geometrics, either. A patterned wallpaper is a great way to update your ceiling on a budget.

Trend 10: Herringbone

Reminiscent of parquet flooring, look for herringbone with an update when you’re styling your home for the spring. Herringbone in bright shades like berry or teal is a great way to add colour to you home. Don’t feel confined to the floor: the design looks great on walls and soft furnishings, too. Even in monochrome, herringbone adds dimension and texture to your home.


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