American real estate: Real bad Realtor Ads

american flag outside house

6 Jan

In the States, the ‘realtors’ (as they’re known) are very much their own brand ambassadors. The industry is ultra-competitive, and ultra-personal. The thing is, when they’re all caught up trying to be the next “Buddy Kane: The ‘King’ of Real Estate” – well, sometimes they get it a little bit wrong. Here’s a few of our favourite examples of realtors trying to sell properties, themselves, and their souls.

All images sourced from Reddit


I know you will be happy here

Refreshingly honest

Number 1 Sales Rep in the region - According to his mother

This guy looks like he knows what he’s doing

Realtor face on lambs body


Don't get a divorce... Just get a bigger house

Do they really use a chainsaw?!

Image of a masked surgeon holding a chainsaw

They do say stories sell

Husband left us for a 22 year old

Ah, see what you’ve done there

Image of a fish jumping into mouth of crocodile with heading 'Real estate is all about timing'

Local knowledge is always important

There's a great wings place just up the street


Realtor holding up a bag of Doritos

As you can see from my photo. I’m very busy and successful

Realtor with mobile phone against ear

As you can see from my haircut, I like to take an old-fashioned approach

Call Lu-eze ...Pl-eze!