Preparing your home for property photos

Property photos living room home staging

Stunning photos are the best way to impress buyers. Based on your images, a buyer will decide whether to book a viewing, or click on the next listing.

Your property photos must be an accurate representation of your home, but they need to flatter it as well. Guarantee great photos preparing your property before the photo session and if possible, arrange to have them taken on a sunny day.

These six top tips could really boost the amount of interest in your property:

Step 1: Declutter

Don’t think of pre-photo session tidying and cleaning as a chore. Consider it an opportunity. Clear out and declutter all those areas where you tend to chuck stuff and think, “I’ll deal with that later.”

Now’s the time to go through that pile of unsorted post, recycle those old magazines and get rid of toys the kids have outgrown. By clearing worktops and the edges of the room, it will make the area look bigger.

Step 2: Depersonalise

When buyers view property photos they’re trying to imagine themselves living there.

Where possible take down all the personal pictures and family-related paraphernalia. Give viewers the blank canvas needed to imagine their own wedding photos on the mantelpiece or their child’s artwork stuck on the fridge.

Step 3: Shift the furniture around

When you have lived somewhere for years, chances are the furniture’s arranged in a way that’s functional for you. Before the local property professional arrives, look at each room with fresh eyes and consider if you could rearrange the furniture temporarily to show off the space better. Shifting the furniture around, or moving some bits out of the room completely, could make the room look more spacious.

Step 4: Lights, then camera and action

Any photographer will tell you that natural light is always best when taking photos. Open all curtains and blinds. If the room’s unavoidably dark, shed some extra light on the situation by fitting regular incandescent bulbs and replacing any low energy ones. Or, use side lamps. As long as it doesn’t over clutter the final shot, rather than overhead ones to create a different ambience. Switching light bulbs and arranging lamps might sound like a lot of effort just for the sake of a picture, but the extra brightness will make a real difference to how well your photos turn out.

Step 5: Little touches

You are where you live and the appearance of your home really reflects your personality. Photographs of a clean, well-organised place suggests that you’re a person who takes pride in their home. Little touches add up, like making sure the toilet seat is down, beds are made, the shower curtain is clean and all cushions are plumped and straightened.

Step 6: The outside world

It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts, remember to get great exterior photos too. Buyers will want to see shots of the garden, so mow the lawn, get rid of those weeds between the patio slabs and pull down the half-dilapidated shed or other eyesores. You want the garden to look inviting and perfect for balmy afternoons.

For front-of-house shots, make sure you move your car to clearly show driveway space, perhaps give the front door a lick of paint or varnish, and if your welcome mat is looking less than inviting stow it away.

So there you have it: six simple steps to make sure your property photos are picture perfect.

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