Keeping the romance alive on a budget

15 Feb

Sample studies of married couples revealed that sharing novel and challenging activities together can help keep the romantic spark alive, even after a decade of marriage. So, although sticking to your regular household routine might be the most convenient and easy, it could be the very thing dimming the spark between you and your partner.

However, that said, not everyone has money to spend on expensive nights out and dinners at fancy restaurants. The great news is that there are plenty of other ways of keeping the flame burning, without burning through piles of cash. Below are a few at-home date ideas for the long-term couple:

Picnic for two

If the weather is good, why not grab a blanket, a few of your favourite foods, a bottle of bubbly and enjoy a meal together under the stars. If it’s a bit cold, there is no reason you can’t bring it indoors and snuggle up by the fireplace.

Heart of the home

There is a reason the kitchen is considered the heart of the home, it is a great place to rekindle relationships and spend quality time with a significant other. Spend an evening cooking a meal together and settle down for a candle-lit dinner where the two of you can take some time to reconnect. For an element of flirtatious fun, throw in a blind tasting where you blindfold your partner and challenge them to identify the foods you feed them.

Time in the tub

This will be dependent on your tub size and possibly your partner’s water temperature preference, but why not spend an evening immersed in bubbles, surrounded by candles, sharing a bottle of your favourite wine. If your tub is too small to accommodate two people, you could always invest in a hot tub, which will not only add to your relationship but create a feature in your home.

Pillow talk

Revisit the early days of your dating years by tucking in for some good old-fashioned pillow talk. Not sure of what to talk about? Why not try a fun couple’s questionnaire? There are a number of them online and they are a great way of getting the conversation flowing and rediscovering what makes your partner tick.

No room for romance?

Does your home still fit your family’s needs? It is not easy to work up a spark in a home that no longer meets your criteria and causes arguments between you and your partner. If your property is making it complicated for you and your partner to get along, then it might be time to start searching for a new home before it pulls you apart.

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