Gifts for tenants for Christmas

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2 Dec

Gifts for tenants: a good idea?

Gifts for tenants are a nice idea, but they can be tricky. Whatever the relationship with your tenants, it should remain strictly professional in all your present giving.

But a small gesture can go a long way in keeping the tenancy harmonious. A good tenant might keep up their good work, and an average tenant might be encouraged to behave better because of your thoughtful gift.

Here’s our list of gifts for tenants that won’t (all) break the bank.

A card

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It’s the thought that counts. It’s true: most tenants won’t expect anything from their landlord. A short note with warm wishes shows you’re not only human, but thoughtful.

If you’re not sure how your tenants celebrate the holidays, opt for something with a more general message. Cards with seasonal greetings or happy-new-year sentiments suit everyone.

A calendar

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With the new year approaching, calendars are great for recording next year’s events (and for remembering when the rent’s due).


gifts for tenants chocolates easyProperty
Who doesn’t love chocolates over the holidays? Give them a small box to tantalise their taste buds.

A bottle of wine

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Gifts for tenants don’t have to be expensive, and a bottle of something nice is certain to provide a merry time.

Plants or flowers

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Flowers brightens any home, and flowering plants last even longer. If you opt for cut flowers, choose carefully. You don’t want your thoughtful gesture to look like a romantic one (so red roses are a definite no-no).

Update furnishings or an appliance

gifts for tenants new appliance easyProperty
Arguably, landlords should replace faulty appliances anyway. However, bringing a microwave into the 21st Century or refreshing the sofa cushions is still a nice touch.



A rent reduction

gifts for tenants rent reduction easyProperty
This might be a bit generous, but maybe you can spare a week or month’s rent. With December being one of the most money-tight months, a little extra cash in tenants’ pockets is always welcome.

Gifts for tenants: your ideas

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