Easy life hacks for moving day

Moving to a new home is exciting, but it can also be pretty stressful. Packing up your life and hauling it to a new neighbourhood, city or even country is no mean feat. Luckily, today we’re sharing some simple life hacks to make moving day a bit easier.

Moving to a new place is a great chance to do some decluttering. Taking a page out of Marie Kondo’s book will help with mental clarity and also make moving day easier with less stuff to pack. If you want to do some good, you can donate your unwanted goods to charity. Many of them will pick up furniture and other bulky items to make your life easier as well.

The night before the big move, think ahead and pack all your essentials into one bag. Remember to charge your phone and add that to your essentials bag as well. It’s also a good idea to take pictures of your meter readings so you can easily settle payments with your service provider. Colour-coding your moving boxes so it’s easy to tell which boxes go into which room can also simplify things a lot.

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