How to create a great property advert

create a great property advert

Most agents will agree: Rightmove and Zoopla are the most powerful tools available for letting your property in the UK. But to make the most of these portals, you need an effective advert. Let our experts help you make yours shine.

Top Tip

Setting your rental price to a nice round 100 will help your advert get more views. For details on how this insider trick of the trade works, check out Setting the right rental price


Your photos are crucial to the success of your advert. They are the thing people look at first – if they aren’t attractive, then you’ve lost them at hello. Professional photos will always produce the best results – but a steady hand and a decent smartphone will also work fine, if you follow these tips.

Preparing the shots

Remove all clutter from view. Think minimalist. This makes the room look bigger and the photos look sharper. Give all the surfaces a wipe – particularly mirrors, counter-tops and anything that will make your photo shine (literally). Throw open the curtains and turn on the lights and. Dull and dank photos won’t help your cause.

Taking the shot

Always take your photos landscape, never portrait. If possible, take the shot from right in the corner and from above. Get up on a chair (carefully) and take a good few snaps. Or you could use a “selfie-stick” – if you’re one of those people.

Selecting your photos

Rightmove suggests adverts with between 5-9 photos perform best. So make sure you pick your best snaps. Rooms of particular importance include the kitchen, living room, bathroom and main bedrooms. Just 1 photo per room should be enough (always leave them wanting more).

Choosing your lead photo

This is the single most important part of your advert. Your lead photo and the price are all people will see in their initial search results. If they don’t make potential tenants want to click on your advert, then nothing else matters.

Rightmove research suggests that kitchens make the best lead photo. We’d usually agree with that, but we reckon your lead photo should be your best photo. Unless it’s particularly stunning, don’t use an exterior shot as your lead picture. Renters tend to be less bothered about this than say, kitchens and bathrooms. Plus everyone does it. Leading with an exterior shot is a sure fire way to make sure your property doesn’t stand out. That is unless you’re renting out the Taj Mahal or Buckingham Palace.

Can we help?

We just gave you four brilliant tips, you greedy so-and-so! Oh alright… if you like, we can get a professional to come round and do it all for you. Then we’ll send over 10 perfectly finished photos that you can keep and use any way you like. We’ll even upload them to your advert for you. (We’re nice like that).



Floor Plan

In Rightmove’s survey, 37% of people say they won’t even enquire about a property if it doesn’t have a floor plan. People like them because they help to understand the size and layout of the space.

Do it yourself

There are some half-decent websites out there that you can use for free. Or you can create a very basic one on Excel.

Leave it to the pros

We can have a floor plan created for you in just a few days. We’ll get someone to pop round to take the measurements and then send you the finished article for you to keep. We’ll even put it up on your advert for you.



Key Features

These are the little bullet points that will appear above the description in your advert. They’re used to showcase the key selling points of your property. If your property has something unusual or rare, that always makes a good key feature. Otherwise, just a few things that make your property great.

Common key features are:

  1. Recently decorated or refurbished
  2. Lots of storage space
  3. En-suite bathroom
  4. Off-road parking
  5. Gated estate with 24 hour security
  6. Original working fireplaces/ old wooden beams/ other character points
  7. Satellite fitted
  8. Area enjoys excellent broadband speed
  9. Close to river/beach/parks
  10. Bills included in rent
  11. Rent paid directly to landlord
  12. Low/no tenant fees (we don’t rip tenants off, so this one works for you)
  13. Glowing reference from previous tenant
  14. Landlord lives locally
  15. Pet-friendly accommodation (local park nearby & landlord accepts pets)



Short Description

Rightmove calls this your “summary text”. It’s a few short sentences that give – you guessed it – a summary of the rental property. It should include the sort of things that pictures alone can’t tell you.

Things to include:

  1. When is it available from?
  2. How many rooms does it have?
  3. Is it furnished/unfurnished?
  4. Is it double glazed/centrally heated?
  5. What’s the neighbourhood like? Is it tranquil or bustling?
  6. What’s attractive about the local area? Is it near shops? Pubs? Travel links?

Check out our example:

“Charming and spacious 3 bed family home. Bathroom, WC, kitchen and family-sized lounge – all fully furnished and double-glazed. 10-minute walk from Tesco metro, Kings Head pub and London Waterloo. Inside catchment area for several good schools. Ideal for London commuters. Available from 30th November 2015.”

Top Tip

Know your audience, and write for them. You’ll notice in this example we’ve mentioned things like the local schools and commuting options. These are the sort of features people looking for a 3 bed family home are likely to want to hear about (not proximity to the local nightclub scene)


The Full Description

If someone’s reading this, they’re probably interested. Use this section to add in some extra detail and convincers to help close the deal. Was there something you wanted to include in the previous section but was a bit too long or detailed? That’s exactly what should go in your full description.

Things to include:

  1. Detailed description of the property
  2. Detailed description of the local area
  3. Detailed description of the travel links
  4. Types of person this property is ideal for
  5. Anything and everything that comes included in the rent e.g. utilities
  6. A list of all the rooms in the house
  7. Your Energy Performance Certificate’s band rating (A-E)

Top Tip

Throw in some local knowledge where possible. If the pub at the end of the road does a cracking Sunday roast, this is the place to mention it

Can we help?

Of course we can. You can check out all our services to help showcase your property here.

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