Why we’re different to other online estate agents

We stand for value, choice and transparency.

What do other agents stand for?

It can be confusing to know the difference between many of the online agents out there, so we’ve highlighted below just some of the ways in which we are different and some key things to think about when choosing an online agent.

Us vs Them

No. 1

Choose an agent with a financial incentive to sell your home

  • Many online agents charge an upfront fee of over £800 to list your property, regardless of whether or not you sell it. This means that sometimes, after they’ve listed your property, the agent can lose interest and you end up footing the bill for not selling your home!

We’re different.

  • Our unique split fee option means you know we have a strong motivation to sell your home. We charge an upfront fee of £295 and then a completion fee, that you only pay when we sell your home, of £595. If we don’t sell your home, you don’t pay the £595.

  • This way you know we are fully committed to selling your home and conversely, we only attract serious sellers, just like you.

No. 2

We won’t tie you into any sort of consumer credit agreement

The truth behind the payment
  • Many online agents offer a pay later or deferred payment option, which is often done by way of a consumer credit agreement. This means that you can avoid paying upfront to sell your property, but you will still have to pay after a set period (usually 10 months) regardless of whether the property sells or not. These options also require you to take out a credit agreement with a third-party supplier.

We’re different.

  • We don’t believe sellers should be tied into taking out complicated credit agreements or have to pay a large sum if their property doesn’t sell. So we don’t offer a deferred payment, we offer an affordable split fee option. £295 upfront payable regardless of if your property sells and then a completion fee of £595 you then only pay if we sell your property.

No. 3

Watch out for their fee increases if you don’t use their legal services

  • Many online agents will increase their pricing if you don’t use their conveyancers, typically adding on an extra £300. Alternatively, they will only let you choose the deferred payment option if you use their conveyancing service. By being forced to use their conveyancers, you can’t know they are the best option for you and are tied into their pricing.

We’re different.

  • We won’t tie you in or limit the service we offer if you choose your own conveyancer.

  • We work with Next Move Conveyancing Services who are part of the largest conveyancing firm in the UK and we believe the best option in the industry. Many of our customers choose to use them as we’ve negotiated a set fee of £595 + VAT & disbursements for our customers – but it’s always your choice, and we won’t charge you extra if you decide not to use them.

easyProperty compared to Purplebricks

Purple Bricks

Fee to pay, regardless of sale


£849 (or £1,199 in some London postcodes).

Fee on the successful sale of the property


£0 – it doesn’t matter whether they sell the property or not – they earn their fee regardless

Deferred payment/Credit agreement to take out?

No – we don’t believe in tying you in to credit agreements

Yes, for 10 months, and then you have to pay regardless of whether you have sold your house or not

Legal work catch?

No – use who you like, it’s your choice

Yes – if you decide not to use their conveyancers, they will charge you a £250 ‘admin fee’

And finally…

And there you have it – that’s how we’re different to other online estate agents! Why not book a free, no-obligation valuation with one of our Local Property Professionals today and find out how much you could sell your home for?