Calculate home renovations and add value to your home

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Renovating is an exciting, and at times stressful process for homeowners. The money spent on renovations can be a substantial hit to your savings. However, it doesn’t have to be, as planning ahead of time can improve how you budget your money and help you determine where you’ll see the highest return.

To find out where you can add the most value to your home, Sainsbury’s Bank has created a calculator that estimates how much the home value will increase based on the house’s worth and renovation options.

For instance, updating the exterior of the house can add an average of £14,418 to your home. You can dramatically improve your home’s appearance by replacing the windows, applying a fresh coat of paint, adding shutters or updating your roof.

You can check out the graphic below to see estimates of the top five most expensive renovations, the top five for adding the most value, and the top five most profitable.