12 eerily good Halloween decoration ideas

26 Oct

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble. Can’t afford a bubbling cauldron for your Halloween party? Then check out these 12 cheap, cheerful and wickedly cool Halloween decoration ideas.

1. Get twiggy with the lights on to cast a creepy forest around the room

Spooky forest Halloween decoration

(image: Thyra Hilden, Pio Diaz / Via piodiaz.wordpress.com)


2. Place a pair of sticks in some striped stockings (because witches only go for the stripey kind!) and leave a snapped broom nearby to create a fallen witch.

witch legs

(image: www.howdoesshe.com)


3. Tape together some empty plastic bottles, wrap them up in bin-bags and BOOM… you’ve got your very own Jimmy Hoffa.

jimmy hoffa body bag halloween decoration

(image: blog.blackboxs.ru)


4. Add some red food colouring to PVA glue and start bloodying up any glass you can get your hands on (literally)


(image: http://www.easyshed.co.uk/)


5. Put your friends’ heads in jars… Not much more to say about that really



(image: www.mashable.com)

6. Make some ghoulish glow in the dark eyes with just some glow sticks and toilet roll


(image: www.listotic.com)


7. Hollow out a doll, if you want another tip…. It makes a rotten bowl for a very yummy dip

Doll guts chip dip halloween decoration

(image: zieak / Via instructables.com)


8. Drape netting over an empty bottle, a tennis ball, and some hanger wire to make an excellent ghostly ornament


(image: www.diyncrafts.com)


9. It’s Frankenstein’s mons-door!


(image: www.listotic.com)


10. Get in some dry ice to make a spooky fog


(image: www.diyncrafts.com)

11. Are you a chicken (wire)? This creepy poltergeist is…


(image: www.wackyarchives.com)

12. Enlist your pet to be your unearthly doorman


(image: www.peacocks.com)


If you see any scarifying or spookifying Halloween decorations when you’re going around this year, take a picture and share it on our Facebook page!

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